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Welcome to the Restoration Point Christian Church. We hope that our church can become your church.  We are new church in Frederick, MD that meets at Whittier Elementary School in the Whittier neighborhood.  

What makes us different: WE UNDERSTAND!  Our mission is to help people to become restored, refreshed, and renewed by learning how to be reconnected to God. 

Studies show that people are leaving church or simply not going to church because the church and church people don't seem understand real problems.  We are a different kind of church because...

1.  We have a bi-vocational preacher.  This means that our preacher has a full time job - he understands the stress of work-life and real issues that you face in the workplace. 

2.  We are a new SMALL church.  You don't get lost at our church.  We connect to each other as we seek to connect to God. 

3.  We talk about real issues.  We believe that we serve a Real God who has Real Answers to our Real problems. 

4.  We do Church Together! We have community outreach programs and youth initiatives that live real, authentic lives. 

5.  We are non-denominational church and therefore we do not belong to any particular religious affiliation.  We simply desire to be a people of the Bible and use those Bibilical principles in faith and practice.  

6.  We 
are always looking for ways to help all people to become:

    RESTORED: Become the person that God created you to be by living in a deep relationship with Him.  We do this through looking at the Bible and seeing how God wants us to live.

    REFRESHED: Learn how to have an attitude of Jesus in this world by serving others and letting that service refresh you for daily life.

    RENEWED: Feel like you have gone to far - think again.  We believe that God is in the business of renewing you, your relationships, your vision, and your life. 

Our doors are always open. Please join us for our weekly communion service at 10:35 am on Sunday's at Whittier Elementary School in Frederick MD.

(240) 396-7671 and ask for Ken Gosnell for details.


You can find out more about our story on our blog at:








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